What I learned from NYC subways

I was in New York City over the holidays. This year’s trip included illness, travel snafus, a lot of visiting and a lot of rushing. I was sick and not relaxed. I found my meditation and calm on the subway, of all places. Here is one of my subway thoughts.

There are a lot of human beings,
with a lot of different ways of talking and being, many languages, many families.

Alone not lonely.
Together still lonely.

Holding on, swaying, millions of stories on the move
All in stop motion for the ride

Very connected by one common experience
One common moment

Very few take notice

Daily we are offered
ways to slow down, connect, reach out,
ways to hear a new story, to meditate, to let go,
to honor each other with a glance, a smile or nod.

Don’t miss your subway opportunities.

Annie Von EssenWhat I learned from NYC subways


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  • Anne - March 16, 2014 reply

    I enjoyed reading this post. I used to live in DC, and rode the metro daily, and got the same feelings of connectedness, peacefulness, and contentedness. No longer in a subway city, its a good thing to hold onto ways to reconnect to that same feeling surrounded by people with the tube swooshing past. (My friend, Alyssa, sent me a link to your blog. I’ll have to thank her!)

    Annie Von Essen - March 17, 2014 reply

    Thanks for reading Anne and so glad Alyssa passed on my blog. Hope your finding new ways to connect in your days in your non-subway city too!

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