“After working with Annie, I feel I have a greater connection to myself and to my ideas and to other people. I came away with some real language to name what I was feeling and understand how to move beyond the toxic space.”
– Kim Thomas, Room Next Door participant

“On one hand, Annie is very artistic and creative and, on the other hand, she has a very structured and linear way of thinking. Her well rounded and balanced approach allowed for the very different types of people who work in our organization to be heard and valued, which in turn encouraged them to embrace the process and engage fully.”
– Bill Hanawalt, formerly Executive Director, Peace Community Center, consulting client

“I have described working with Annie as working with the best consultant ever! It is great talking with Annie about big ideas and broad concepts and she has a knack for asking the right questions, developing a flow for process and well-laid action plans. Annie will always be MY consultant for projects and I have even retained her for personal coaching…she has had such a positive impact on my professional life.”
– Amanda Thomas, Director of Community Partnerships, Tacoma Public Schools

“As an educator I have learned so much from Annie about being a patient facilitator and guide, keeping difficult topics light. She was able to engage each person individually, challenging participants gently and with love. She helps to bring individual and unique contributions to light without singling out or creating discomfort. I truly am changed as a result of my work with Annie.”
-Becca Bregel, Room Next Door participant

“Annie is She’s dynamic, interactive, and integrates relevant modalities to engage groups. Never a dull moment. And if there is, she’ll tell you first!”
– Thuy-Mai Nguyen, Program Manager, FEEST

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