How to keep seeing miracles

When the work is stacked up; the meetings are back to back;
you’re slightly sick from staring at the onslaught of emails;
the insurance company reopened the claim;
another friend is sick, sad, grieving…

Get up from your chair.
Squint out the window. Find a good looking tree through the glass.
Pet an animal.
Crank up the music. Dance like a 3 year old full of sugar and good vibes.

Walk outside. Find another living creature to watch, a bird, a squirrel, a human at a bus stop.

Buy a piece of fruit.
Go to the shore, any shore.
Ocean shore, lake shore, river shore.

Lay down on the kitchen floor, close your eyes, breath.

Invite yourself over to a friend’s house for dinner.
Say hi to a stranger.
Smile at yourself in the mirror.
Watch a sad movie and cry.
Turn the t.v. off.

Go back to the shore.
Any shore.

Annie Von EssenHow to keep seeing miracles


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  • Allison Wurthmann - January 16, 2014 reply

    Thank you Annie!

    Annie Von Essen - January 16, 2014 reply

    So great to see you on my blog Allison!

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