Not doing it the “right” way

For those folks following along on my business journey – you may have noticed a quiet, static sound coming from my blog space.

Perhaps you thought, “Annie must be really busy with client projects.” And that is true, I have been.
I have directly experienced the truth that when you create something new and pour yourself into it opportunities come.

But that is not the main reason I haven’t been on my blog.

The main reason is fear.

The dreaded fear of “not doing it right the first time.” Do you know this fear? The voice in your head that says, “Just don’t bother doing it at all if you cannot get it right the first time.”
Something inside tells you there must be a certain, concrete way to do something for it to succeed. If you cannot do it that one, specific way do not bother because you will fail.

As my close friends know – I do not have this fear all the time. Often I will throw myself into a new project or idea with both feet, nose plugged, eyes clenched tight. I figure I will swim for sure once I am in the water.

I actually like that swirling, scary feeling of the plunge.

But when I have heard from numerous different people that there is one right way to do something – I freeze. I like to do things, well, umm, as close to perfect as humanly possible (which is actually not so perfect). When I am thinking about only one way to do or be, my inner critic gets full dominion of my mind.

I have spent the last 2 years reading the recommendations on how to blog by people who blog.
Blogging has a lot of experts!
How many days you should blog, how many words, how many pictures…

Too much noise, too many rules = stifled, gagged creativity.
I might as well stick my creativity down into a long jar and twist the lid tight.

So I am loosening the lid and letting some sunlight in.
I will give the rules a quick glance, take a deep breath, look the other way and jump with my two scared feet, in my timing.

Here is help dealing with the “do it right once” gene:

1. Give the rules a sideways glance.

find your truth
let go of the rest

2. Think about it less, do it more.

move that big toe forward & chill out the fast, fury of thoughts

3. Take the courage to be less perfect.

I am admitting I do not have the blog thing perfect, as I blog!

What are you not trying because you won’t get it perfect?
Whose rules are you listening to instead of your own clear voice?

You can do it your way.

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Want to read more on letting go of perfection…

Check out Brene Brown’s blog – Ordinary Courage

And for a good take on blogging rules…

Danny Brown writes about the blog every day myth on By Bloggers for Bloggers. (Thanks Kathy for sending me this great post.)

Annie Von EssenNot doing it the “right” way

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