How do we stay awake?

A while ago, I was on a call with Milagros Phillips that continues to reverberate in my body. (I have ...
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How to tap into more joy when you need it most

In these last days of summer, our house is full of family, people and things are everywhere. Plates of food ...
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How to make and maintain healthy connections

Are you finding yourself getting clearer right now on who you want to be in relationships with or what you ...
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4 essential human connections we all need right now

Connections to other humans keep us learning and growing. Healthy human connections provide us with love and support (even in ...
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The first hug in a year

I gave my first hug to a friend I hadn’t hugged in over a year. I felt a mix of ...
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Why I love meetings and how you can too

Meetings… there were already so many dreaded meetings. And now most of us are still doing meetings online with glitchy ...
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team team work volleyball team

The most essential processes for making teamwork WORK!

Sometimes we need an infusion of ideas and tools for the work we are already doing. I am going to ...
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Show up for your team without depleting yourself

You are doing a lot. As the world continues to shift around us, our commitments require a lot of energy.The ...
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How I am preparing before we open back up (it might not be what you expect)

Here, in the Pacific Northwest, flowers are beginning to peek up out of the ground. The days are getting longer ...
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