Set Your Course

Ready to embrace your job and your life differently? 

Craving a change in your professional life, but feeling unsure about what you want and how to get there?

You need to Set Your Course.

Set Your Course is a seven week group course that clears the clutter and inspires a clear direction for your professional path.

Even when you want things to be different, the sea swell of change can be daunting. You need support, a community who has your back, and the space to build a plan.

Build a plan for making the change you want in your professional career — a change that is aligned with what you want for your life.

At the end of Set Your Course you will:

  • Feel better prepared to make a change
  • Gain clarity and reduce overwhelm
  • Get unstuck and get a clearer picture of what you want
  • Develop your personal plan and take steps to move you forward
  • Feel supported and not alone

  • “The brilliance of a Room Next Door is the way Annie contextualizes our experience with what is happening in the world right now. People don’t normally talk about stress management in that way. I walked out feeling like I am not a freak, these other super admirable women walk around holding the same stuff I do.”

    Jennifer Geist, Owner, Zeitgeist Creations

What you get:

  • Six group coaching calls (75 minutes each)
  • Two 1 on 1 coaching calls with Annie (60 minutes each)
  • Homework assignments designed to expand your awareness and generate positive changes in your professional life
  • Your personal plan (should this be titled/capitalized for brand recognition?) for the change you want to make

What you gain:

  • Clarity and a new direction for your professional life
  • Momentum to help you get where you want to go
  • Food for thought – gentle questions to focus on
  • A supportive community of people who are in the same boat

Next Set Your Course group is in spring 2016.

The course takes place online, with opportunities for in-person meetings for participants living in the Northwest United States. The group is limited to 7 people.

Interested? Get on the waiting list. Send me your info and I will follow up with you.

How much will this cost?

This is not a huge online class with pre-packaged materials. This is a small group and a fully supported course with materials crafted for you individually. It will be you, me and six others.

The group course is one payment of $860.00 (a savings of $115). Or you can pay in three payments of $325. One scholarship slot is offered for each group based on financial need and ability to participate fully.

Click here to reserve your spot and pay the full amount (saving $115).

Click here to reserve your spot and pay the first in three installments.

Click here to apply for a scholarship slot.

Payment is required prior to the start of the session and can be made online (link) or via check.

Growing together.
Traveling our own paths.
Why do I only offer this in a group format?
People work better in community.

syc-groupIt feels good to know you are not alone when you’re making a major life change. The group coaching sessions will provide you with the opportunity to collaborate, to think creatively, to learn from each other, and to support each other.

Each of us is on our own journey. That’s why I include one-on-one coaching for each Set Your Course member. You’ll have space to make your own plan based on the goals you’ve set. This experience is personalized for each person going through Set Your Course.

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