Thank You

Yes, you did it! You made a choice to take good care of yourself in the midst of everything else that is happening in your life. That is powerful and I am so glad you will be in the class!

Your first official email will arrive in your inbox on February 1st, 2016. It will let you know how to set everything up for class.  

If you signed up because you are feeling overwhelmed right now. You can check out this short article – it may help. I also know that when you are stressed quick fixes can be annoying. I promise in the Room Next Door we work together to gently look at long-term ways to manage your stress and reconnect with yourself.

Just a reminder you will need a computer and internet connection to participate in the class. Also, you will need a Facebook account to participate in the group conversations. (And of course, you can totally be in class without participating in the Facebook group.)

If you have any questions at all – feel free to email me at

Oh and just a head’s up – it can be really great to take this class with a friend or colleague. You can support each other and talk about your learning. Send them HERE for more information.

I look forward to meeting you in class!

Clear Harbor Leadership Community

Be a thoughtful, rejuvenated, supported, joyful leader. Clear Harbor gives you space to reflect, think creatively, gain new skills, and receive sustenance and encouragement.
It is a small, curated group coaching membership for leaders of all types committed to community change, including explicit commitment to inclusion, equity, racial justice, social justice and more liberated, loving future.

Gain a crew that has your back. Together you will laugh, release, learn, build, plan and problem solve.

More info here

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