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I help leaders and teams gain clarity, work collaboratively, and
discover a deeper sense of purpose, connection, and joy.

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I help leaders find ways to work with less stress, more joy, and a strong connection to their values.

Want to feel calmer and less stressed, with renewed energy to continue fighting for a better world? Finding yourself feeling disconnected and overwhelmed?

Clear Harbor community members gain reflective time and thoughtful support outside their own organizations and businesses (and headspace) so they can think creatively, stay patient, and be sustained in their leadership.

Clear Harbor Community

Need support to build your next strategic framework or plan; build a creative and innovative team; or shift dynamics in your culture? 

I can help facilitate strategic planning, team development, culture change, and organizational diagnosis. Each project incorporates inclusive and equitable practices.

Consulting & Facilitation



I support people in the development of engaged, creative, and inclusive teams. I can help your team build efficient systems, practical strategy, and clear communication, so you can implement powerful community change.

I can help you:

  • Feel connection, clarity, and accomplishment with your team.
  • Successfully complete your next big project together and enjoy doing it! 

Check out my organizational consulting and facilitation for team development, strategic planning, and custom workshops.

Consulting & Facilitation

Clear Harbor Leadership Community

Be a thoughtful, rejuvenated, supported, joyful leader. Clear Harbor gives you space to reflect, think creatively, gain new skills, and receive sustenance and encouragement.
It is a small, curated group coaching membership for leaders of all types committed to community change, including explicit commitment to inclusion, equity, racial justice, social justice and more liberated, loving future.

Gain a crew that has your back. Together you will laugh, release, learn, build, plan and problem solve.

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Happy Clients

  • "Working with Annie has truly changed my life.  Having a shared experience is so valuable, and Annie was able to help make the connections, even when individuals in the group were in completely different spaces personally and professionally. I came away with personal, individual strategies and techniques that work for me, and that is invaluable."

    Becca Bregel, Room Next Door participant

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